My experience venerating the Guatemalan spirit Maximon began in 2017. I was living on 118th street and San Pedro in South Central Los Angeles and I was brand new in really embracing my spiritual journey. The botanicas in the neighborhood were and are predominantly Mexican / Central American and their loyalty to Santa Muerte and Maximon is felt all over the area. Infact, when I spoke with the employees at the botanicas the openly told me that the neighborhoods have a mother and a father. La Muerte and Maximon. Maximon is a colonized version of the Mayan God MAM. He is known as the “Helpful Uncle” who looks out for you. The above photo is from my favorite LA area botanica, Botanica Luz Del Dia. Ran by the three nicest little “well seasoned” ladies you’ll ever meet at a spiritual store in the whole county. I began to regulary patron and make offering of money, coca-cola, cigars, tequila etc. and they would let me pray as I venerated the altar. ( To Be Contd. )