This Talisman is kept in the wallet or can be kept on the altar as a blessed form of path opening. Not as effective as spiritual work but if you are keeping up with your cleansings regularly and doing your own road opening work keeping this talisman can up the ante. Ace of Clubs is often affiliated with the Ace of Wands in Tarot. With this card it symbolizes open paths and direction. The perfect card to keep on you to open your paths through out the day. It can be blessed by anointing with an oil of your choice ( I used Holy Jerusalem Oil ) prayed over with your favorite Road Opening scripture, Or drenched in the smoke of your favorite abre camino incense. Once that part is complete you take a permanent marker (preferably) and add the Success sigil. The success sigil is popular hoodoo sigil that attracts money. Below is the example. Comment below for questions, comments and concern.