This week I’ve been sharing quite a bit. I am so Happy folks find success and happiness with my suggestions. Here’s a quick explanation behind the reasoning for this Louisiana Hoodoo classic practice. My best suggestion is collect the soil gradually. Start with going to 1 or 3 banks in a day and over time add 2 more banks than 2 more all the way up until you get to the full 13 banks. I would avoid going to a 13 banks. Not saying there is anything bad if you have the stamina to go that many banks but don’t stress your self out collecting. This is something you keep on your prosperity altar or make as an offering to your ancestors. preferably the ones good with money ( winking emoji ).

On JupiterDay or Venus Day is the most beneficial day of practicing money manifesting A great day to collect soil from a gas station or a bank (13 banks dirt)&keep the soil at your home. Especially for those of us who work from home (readers,reiki healers etc.)

The purpose is the soil has the energy captured of folks bringing their money in. That energy stays. ALWAYS remember to leave an offering ( soda, pour some liquor out, tobacco) and say a prayer.

Say a prayer giving thanks and never turn your back to the location you collected from. You can sprinkle the soil around the outside of your home, place it in a dish or jar on your altar or pot your money plants ( basil, bayleaf etc) with it.