This post is a minor how to in regards to learning tarot easily. I don’t suggest everyone run out and start offering readings as a hustle as many will get really heavy serious questions with a client and its a big responsibility to have a good level of communication with spirit before walking down that street. My first suggestion ALWAYS is to get yourself two decks. One to read with One to make as flash cards. Or based on this post The Giant Rider Waite Deck. This deck you can use as flash cards that you can write on the back of and study with for a card of the day or when doing *free* readings for friends. My all time favorite for learning the meanings is The Tarot Coloring Book By Theresa Greer. This coloring book is a relaxing way to veg out and color and includes reversal meanings which give so much life to your readings if you use reversals. I also like Johannes Fiebig Evelin Burgers The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot. This has little known meanings including the symbolism of the rw deck. The symbolism also gives alot of life to your readings with examples of the complex meanings of the colors or even the grapes on the pentacles and wands cards. All are available in the Amazon shop under the Hoodoo Tab : amazon shop