First praises to mother of the black american witches Marie Catherin Lavuea. Much has been said about the New Orleans Voodoo Queen. For those of you that know me you know my spirtual jouney began with me and my ex’s visit to her grave in march of 2014. During that trip I gave her grave $5 in quarters,candy and a small shot size bottle of rum. Much of the remainder of what I requsted happened but like many virgos they need details. Long story short my best suggestions for offerings for mother are things that she was known to use in her life time as well vices. This is similair to what you would give at an ancestor altar. Marie Laveau was a hairstylist so possibly haircare utensils AS WELL AS liqour,candy, “New Orleans Cuisine” or food that was enjoyed during the time like catfish, fried chicken and sides, candles. Spend time with her like you would your ancestors, honor her greatness and her legacy. But I would advise, Strongly Advise! against asking her for things on her birthday. Would you wanna do favors on your birthday? Be blessed and honor your ancestors and Muva well..