Just to be clear this practice isnt exactly hoodoo. Its no secret I am what some call “interfaith”. I beleive 256Caminos referred to me once as “freestyle”. EL OH EL. But this particular practice I learned from the botanicas I would frequent at the beginning opf my spiritual journey. There was once a Botanica in Downtown Los Angeles called Botanica Farmicia. This was my all time favorite botanica because it looked like it was from a movie. Completely untouched and unchanged since the 1970’s. Ill post pics of that experience when i go look for the photos. One thing about me that I love about myself is that I used to take pictures and document everything when I started my spiritual Journey. Anyway I would buy these cheesy spiritual baths that they would sell that looking back im certain were pure placebo. One in particular was 7 magic spiritual plants. I tried to find the photo of the original bottle but couldnt. Ill update this blog once I do find it. Not that – thats out the way the bath had its ingredients on the bottle however I can guarantee that store brand might have had an herb or two in it but mostly food coloring and harsh additives. I say that because it would literally change the shower a different color it was so green. The ingredients are as follows:




Bay leaf




In todays bath I used Dr. Bronner’s signature peppermint bath. Using peppermint is a good substitute for peppertree since the herb is so hard to find in comparrison to the endless ways to get peppermint. You can also replace rue with eucalyptus. Spiritually, based on who you ask it isnt an exact substitue as the planetary properties aret the same however they serve the same purpose. Since the bath is “oils” based I added essential oils that align with the original recipe. Eucalyptus oil and Myrtle oil. Both of which are available in the Amazon storefront. I’ll attach the link shortly. The other herbs are added from my mothers garden. Basil, Sage ( not white sage as we are WOKE around here) , Rosemary and Bayleaf that was store bought. Naturally you empty out some of the original contents of the brand new bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap and add the herbs accordingly. Also add the essential oils then sit out in sunlight, and voila! Give the herbs time to marinate and get used to eachother before use. I would say wait a day or so . The longer youn can wait the better. I have some premade from a month ago which is why i decided to post and demo this new batch.The purpose of this bath is to cleanse all the negative energy attached to you from the previous week or day or reven used asa floorwash. The ingredients are easy and convenient to get. This cleanse is great for weekly or even daily spiritual cleansing use. As anyone who knows me knows that sundays are my cleansing and offerings day’s so it would be great to use then as well. Shower with this and a white candle and you can include your own prayers or bible scripture to say before use. Psalm 23, Leviticus 14 are my personal go to’s. As you may know Dr. Bronner’s is all natural oils and free from chemicals. Spiritutally some may ahve concerns as some of the other herbal oils may not match with the purpose of the added oils. For example Coconut, Hemp, or Olive are a bit spiritually conflicting with the others but the addidtives are low in comparrison to what the 7 magic plants bath includes. Also my suggestion is using a little under a handful of each herb. Enjoy and tell me in the comments what you think.